svaruci स्वरुचि

Definition: f. own will or pleasure; in. according to one's own will; a. following one's own pleasure; -rûpa, n. own form or shape; form of (g., --°ree;); word itself (±sabda or sabdasya; opp. synonyms, species); own condition, peculiarity, character, nature; oc currence, event (rare): nâmnâm --, names themselves: °ree;-or -tas, ad. in one's own form; by nature, in reality; by itself: -tâ, f. own form: in. literally, in reality,-dhârin, a. having one's own form, -bhâva, m. use of the true form (of a name); -rûpin, a. having one's own or natural form; appearing in the form of (--°ree;); embodied; -rûpa½utprekshâ, f. kind of simile; (svá)-rokis,a. self-lu minous.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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