svadhā स्वधा

Definition: स्वधा [स्वद्-आ-पृषो˚ दस्य धः] 1 One's own nature or determination, spontaneity. -2 One's own will or pleasure. -3 The oblation of food offered to the Pitṛis or Manes of deceased ancestors; स्वधासंग्रहतत्पराः R.1.66; Ms.9.142; Y.1.12. -4 The food offered to the Manes personified. -5 Food or oblation in general. -6 One's own portion or share. -7 A Śrāddha or funeral ceremony; Ms.2.142. -8 Name of Māyā or illusion. ind. An exclamation uttered on offering an oblation to the Manes (with dat.); पितृभ्यः स्वधा Sk. -Comp. -कर a. offering oblations to the Pitṛis; यदपत्यं भवेदस्यां तन्मम स्यात् स्वधाकरम् Ms.9.127. -कारः the exclamation Svadhā; पूतं हि तद्गृहं यत्र स्वधाकारः प्रवर्तते. -निनयनम् a formula or sacred text used in making the oblations to the Pitṛis; नाभिव्याहारयेद्ब्रह्म स्वधानिनयनादृते Ms.2.172. -प्रियः 1 Agni or fire; -2 black sesamum. -भुज् m. 1 a deceased or defied ancestor. -2 a god, deity.

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