svārthika स्वार्थिक

Definition: prescribed (after a base) in the sense of itself; i.e. in the sense of the base. The word is used in connection with a large number of tad. affixes which are prescribed without any special sense attached to them; vide P. V.3.36 to P. V. 4.67. The Samasanta affixes prescribed from P.V.4.68 onwards can also be called स्वार्थिक;cf.स्वार्थिकाश्च प्रकृतितो लिङ्गवचनान्यनुवर्तन्ते | M.Bh. on P. V. 4. 14, 27. See the word स्वार्थ.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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