svād स्वाद्

Definition: or svad- (prob. fr. 5. su- ad-) cl.1 A1. () sv/adate- (Ved. also P. sv/adati-; perfect tense sasvade- ; sasvāde- grammar; future svāditā-, svādiṣyate- ;Ved. infinitive mood -s/ude-; ind.p. -svādya- ), to taste well, be sweet or pleasant to (dative case or genitive case) etc. ; to taste with pleasure, relish, enjoy, like (accusative), delight in (locative case) ; (P.) to make palatable, season ; to make sweet or pleasant or agreeable ; to be pleasant or wholesome ; P. A1. svādati-, te- (confer, compare ), to taste, relish, enjoy (generally varia lectio khād- q.v) : Causal svad/ayati-, te- (Aorist asiṣvadat-), to make savoury or palatable, sweeten, season, prepare, cook ; to propitiate, conciliate ; svādayati- (confer, compare ), to eat, relish, taste, enjoy : Desiderative of Causal sisvādayiṣati- grammar : Desiderative sisvādiṣate- : Intensive sāsvādyate-, sāsvātti- [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin suadeo,and undersvAdu.]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. ii , 17, S3is3., ib., R., RV., RV., MBh., RV., VS., VS., TBr., VS., Dha1tup. ii , 27, R., Hariv., Subh., RV., TS., Br., Mn., MaitrS., Dha1tup. xxxiii , 130, Sus3r., S3is3., ib., ib.
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