svābhāvya स्वाभाव्य

Definition: inherence; natural capacity; the word is used many times in connection with the power of denotation: cf. शब्दशक्तिस्वाभाव्यात् | Nyāsa on P. III.1. 112 or अभिधानशक्तिस्वाभाव्यात् Nyasa on P. IV. 4.60. स्वार a term used in the PratiSakhya works for स्वरित or the circumflex accent: स्वारः स्वरितः (Com. on T.Pr. XVII.6: cf. also T.Pr.XX.20; XXIII.24. There are seven varieties of स्वार given in thc Pratisakhya works, viz. क्षैप्र, नित्य, प्रातिहत, अभिनिहत, प्रश्लिष्ट, पादवृत्त and तैरोव्यञ्जन, cf T. Pr. XX.1-7.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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