surabhi सुरभि

Definition: a. [affecting pleasantly: √ rabh] (, in C. also î) pleasant, agree able (V.); fragrant (V., C.; ord. mg.); (being in good odour=) having a good reputation, famous (C.); m. (C.) spring (season): &ibrevcirc;, f. Name of a mythical cow, mother of cattle, daughter of Daksha and wife of Kasyapa (e-h sutâh, offspring of Surabhi, cattle); cow (rare); i, n. fragrant substance, per fume (Br., S., rarely E.): -kandara, m. Name of a mtn.; -gandhi: -n, a. fragrant; -tana ya, m. bull, â, f. cow; -dattâ, f. Name of an Apsaras; -mat, a. provided with perfumes, fragrant; -mâruta, n. (having fragrant breezes) Name of a forest; -mâsa, m.spring month; -vatsa, m. Name of a fairy; -samaya, m. spring-tide; -srag-dhara, a. wearing fragrant garlands.

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