sucakra सुचक्र

Definition: a. having good wheels; m. good chariot (RV.); -kákshas, a. having good sight, keen-sighted (V.); -katura, a. very expert; -karita, pp. well-performed (vow); n. (sú-) sg. pl. good conduct, virtuous actions (V., C.); a. well-conducted (C.): -vrata, a. having performed his vow thoroughly, -½ar tha-pada, a. having well-selected sense and words (speech); -kintita, pp. well-consi dered; -kira, a. very long (of time): -m, in., °ree;--, ad. for a very long while; ab. after a very long time; -kétas, a. intelligent, sa pient; benevolent; -ketú, m. grace: only in. ú-nâ, graciously (RV.); -gana, m. good or benevolent man or person (sts. referring to a f.): svabhâva-sugano ganah, good-na tured man; -gana-tâ, f. good nature, geni ality, benevolence; -gana-tva, n. id.; -ga na½âkara, m. N.; -gániman, a. creating fair things (RV.); -gánman, a. id. (V.); of noble or auspicious birth (C.); -gaya, m. great victory; a. easy to conquer; -gala, a. having good water; (sú)-gâta (or á), pp. V.: well born or produced, of excellent kind or nature; nobly born, noble; of genuine birth; C.: well-formed, beautiful (ord. mg.); genuine, sincere (rare); not born in vain (v. r. sa gâtah); -gâta-vaktra, m. Name of a teacher (S.); -gâta½a&ndot;gî, a. f. having well-formed limbs; -gita-srama, a. getting over exertions well, indefatigable; -gihvá, a. (RV.) fair tongued; sweet-voiced; -gîrna, pp. well worn, ragged; well-digested: -sata-khanda maya, a. (î) consisting of a hundred worn out rags; -gîva, n. imps. it is easy for (g.) to live;-gîvita, a. living happily.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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