subhaga सुभग

Definition: a. having a blessed lot, highly favoured, fortunate, happy; beloved, dear (esp. wife); charming, amiable; lovely, beautiful (also of inanimate objects; vc., esp. f. common as an address); nice (fellow, ironical); suitable for (--°ree;, rare): -m, ad. charmingly; highly, very (rare): â, f. be loved wife; (á)-m-karana, a. (î) making happy (V.); charming (C.); (a)-tvá, n. wel fare, happiness (V.); popularity, dearness (esp. of a wife; C.); -mânin, a. thinking oneself popular; -m-manya, a. considering oneself happy or beloved: -bhâva, m. self conceit; -½âkheta-bhûmi, a. having fine hunting-grounds: -tva, n. abst. n.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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