su सु

Definition: case affix (सु) of the nominative singular and (सु) of the locative plural; cf. P. IV. 1.2: (2) Unadi affix सु (क्सु) applied to the roots इष्: e.g, इक्षु: cf. इषः क्सुः Unadi 437. सुक् augment सुक् added according to some grammarians to any word optionally with असुक्, which is prescribed in the case of the words अश्व, वृष, क्षीर and लवण before the affix क्यच् (य) in the sense of desire. e. g. दधिस्यति, मधुस्यति etc. cf. P. VII. 1 51 Varttika.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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