stubh स्तुभ्

Definition: (connected with1. stu-and stumbh-) cl.1 P. () st/obhati- (only in present tense base;3. sg. stobdhi- ; parasmE-pada A1. -stubhāna- ; grammar also perfect tense tuṣṭubhe-; future stobhitā-etc.), to utter a joyful sound, hum, make a succession of exclamations, shout (especially applied to the chanted interjections in a sāman-) ; cl.1 A1. stobhate-, to pause, stop, cause to stop, paralyze etc. (stambhe-) : Causal stobhayati- (Aorist atuṣṭubhat-), to praise in successive exclamations, celebrate [ confer, compare English stop.]