sthānakam स्थानकम्

Definition: स्थानकम् [स्थान स्वार्थे क] 1 A position, situation. -2 A particular point or situation in dramatic action; e. g. पताकास्थानक q. v.; स्थानकेन अवलोक्य V.4.44/45; it may also mean 'a kind of posture'. -3 A city, town. -4 A basin. -5 Froth, a kind of scum on spirits or wine. -6 A mode of recitation. -7 A division or section of the Taittirīya, a branch of the Yajurveda. -8 A temple in which the idol is kept in an erect posture. -9 The attitude of the body (in shooting &.).

Dictionary: Apte
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