sraṃs स्रंस्

Definition: (or sras-;sometimes written śraṃś-or śraṃs-) cl.1 A1. () sraṃsate- (Epic and mc. also ti-; perfect tense sesraṃsa-, ṃsuḥ- ;3. plural -sraṃsire- ; Aorist asrat- ; asrasat-, srasema- ; asraṃsiṣṭa- ; future sraṃsitā-, sraṃsiṣyate- grammar;Ved. infinitive mood -sr/asas-; sraṃsitum- grammar; ind.p. sraṃsitvā-, srastvā- ; -sraṃsya-, -srasya- etc.) , to fall, drop, fall down, slip off, get loose from (ablative) etc. ; to fall asunder or to pieces ; to hang down, dangle, droop ; to be broken, perish, cease ; to go : Passive voice srasyate- (Aorist asraṃsi-) grammar : Causal sraṃsayati- (Aorist asisrasat-; Passive voice sraṃsyate-), to cause to fall down, loosen etc. ; to let hang (the belly) ; to disturb, remove, destroy : Desiderative sisraṃsiṣate- grammar : Intensive sanīsrasyate-, sanīsraṃsti- (see next) .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xviii , 15, Br., Hariv., Br., RV., Br., ib., Br., VS., TBr., Ragh., Sa1h., Naigh. ii , 14, AV., R., AV., Sus3r., ib.
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