snuha स्नुह

Definition: स्नुह स्नुहा हिः f., -ही The milk-hedge plant. [Raghunandana, the author of Kṛityatattva (Jīvānanda's ed. of Smṛititattva vol. II, 1895) quotes a verse from the Devīpurāṇa in connection with the worship of the goddess Manasā to get rid of the fear of snake-bite (cf. Dr. Kane's History of Dharma-śāstra, vol. V. p. 125). He explains स्नुही as सिजुवृक्षः. The botanic name of the tree is Euphorbia Nerifolia (Mar. निवडुंग). It is a plant from the stem of which a stickly substance oozes out.]

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