snu स्नु

Definition: (confer, compare 1. snā-) cl.2 P. () snauti- (according to to also snute-;only in present tense base; grammar also perfect tense suṣṇāva-, suṣṇuve-; future snotā-or snavitā-etc.) , to drip, distil, trickle, emit fluid, yield milk (confer, compare pra-snu-): Causal snāvayati- (Aorist asuṣṇavat-) grammar : Desiderative of Causal sisnāvayiṣati- or susnāvayiṣati- : Desiderative susnūṣati- : Intensive soṣṇūyate-, siṣṇavīti-, soṣṇoti- [ confer, compare Greek , ] .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxiv , 29, Vop., BhP., ib., ib., ib.
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