snih स्निह्

Definition: स्निह् 4 P. (स्निह्यति, स्निग्ध) 1 To feel or have affection for, love, be fond of (with loc. of the person or thing that is loved or liked); किं नु खलु बाले$स्मिन्नौरस इव पुत्रे स्निह्यति मे मनः Ś.7; स च स्निह्यत्यावयोः U.6 (where आवयोः may be genitive also). -2 To be easily attached. -3 To be pleased with, be kind to. -4 To be sticky, viscid, or adhesive. -5 To be smooth or bland. -Caus. (स्नेहयति-ते) 1 To make unctuous, anoint, besmear, lubricate. -2 To cause to love. -3 To dissolve, destroy, kill.

Dictionary: Apte
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