smṛti स्मृति

Definition: f. the whole body of codes of law as handed down memoriter or by tradition (especially the codes of manu- yājñavalkya- and the 16 succeeding inspired lawgivers, viz. atri-, viṣṇu-, hārīta-, uśanas- or śukra-, aṅgiras-, yama-, āpastamba-, saṃvarta-, kātyāyana-, bṛhas-pati-, parāśara-, vyāsa-, śaṅkha-, likhīta-, dakṣa- and gautama-;all these lawgivers being held to be inspired and to have based their precepts on the veda-; see ) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: IW. 203, Gr2S3rS., Mn., Ya1jn5.
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