siv सिव्

Definition: cl.4 P. () s/īvyati- (Ved. also te-; perfect tense siṣeva- grammar; Aorist asevīt- ; future sevitā-, seviṣyati- ; ind.p. syūtva-or sevitvā- ; -s/īvya- ), to sew, sew on, darn, stitch, stitch together, (figuratively) join, unite etc. etc.: Causal sīvayati- () or sevayati- (Aorist asīṣivat- grammar), to sew, stitch: Desiderative siseviṣati- or susyūṣati- grammar : Intensive seṣīvyate- ([ confer, compare Greek = ; Latin sueresutor; Slavonic or Slavonian s8iti; Gothic siujan; Anglo-Saxon seo4wian; English sew.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxvi , 2, ib., ib., ib., AV., RV., Lalit., ib.
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