siddhi सिद्धि

Definition: f. [√ 2. sidh] hitting of a mark (lc.); accomplishment, performance, ful filment, complete attainment, success (sg., pl.; ord. mg.); getting the better of, cure (of a disease), by (--°ree;); coming into force; pay ment, recovery (of money due); attainment of one's aims, success, fortune (common mg.); personal perfection entailing the acquisition of supernatural powers (phil.); magical power (often °ree;-w. the magical object); effi cacy, efficiency, skill; resultance, establish ment, demonstration; work of art (rare); Success personified as a goddess, as Durgâ; Name of a female friend of Danu: -ka, a. --°ree;= siddhi, magical power; -kara, a. (î) produc ing success or fortune: î, f. Name of a sorceress; -kâra-ka, a. causing any one (g.) to attain his object; producing an effect; -kârin, a. accomplishing anything (g.); -kshetra, n. field of success, successfully accomplished ob ject; -gñâna, n. certain knowledge; -da, a. granting success or fortune; -darsin, a. see ing future success, knowing the future; -prâya, a. near to perfection; -mat, a. suc cessful; perfect (man); possessing magical power; m. perfect man; -mârga, m. road to fairyland; -yâtrika, a. wandering about for the purpose of learning magical arts; m. fortune-hunter; -yoga, m. employment of magical power; -varti,f. magical wick; -½îsvara, m. lord of magical power, ep. of Siva; n. Name of a region sacred to Siva.

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