siṃhaḥ सिंहः

Definition: सिंहः [हिंस्-अच् पृषो˚] 1 A lion; (it is said to be derived from हिंस्, cf. भवेद्वर्णागमाद्धंसः सिंहो वर्णविपर्ययात् Sk.); न हि सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखे मृगाः Subhāṣ. -2 The sign Leo of the Zodiac. e.g. सिंहलग्न. -3 (At the end of comp.) Best, pre-eminent of a class; e.g. रघुसिंहः, पुरुष- सिंहः; उद्योगिनं पुरुषसिंहमुपैति लक्ष्मीः Pt.1.361; U.5.22. -4 A particular place prepared for the building of a house. -5 (In music) A kind of tone. -Comp. -अवलोकनम् the (backward) glance of a lion. ˚न्याय the maxim of the lion's (backward) glance, generally used to mark the connection of a thing with what precedes and follows; (for explanation see under न्याय). -आढ्य a. abounding in lions. -आसनम् a throne, a seat of honour. (-नः) a particular mode of sexual enjoyment. -आस्यः a particular position of the hands. -कर्णः a corner orifice containing lion-figures; यद्वेदिकातोरणसिंह- कर्णै रत्नैर्दधानं प्रतिवेश्म शोभाम् Bu. Ch.1.5. -कर्णी a particular position of the right hand in shooting an arrow. -केशरः, -केसरः 1 the Bakula tree. -2 a lion's mane. -3 a kind of sweet-meat. -गः an epithet of Śiva. -तलम् the palms of the hands opened and joined together. -तुण्डः a kind of fish; Ms.5.16. -दंष्ट्रः an epithet of Śiva. -दर्प a. as proud as a lion. -द्वार् f., -द्वारम् the main or principal gate (of a palace &c.). -ध्वनिः, -नादः 1 the roar of a lion; असोढसिंहध्वनिरुन्ननाद Ku.1.56; सिंह- नादं विनद्योच्चैः शङ्खं दध्मौ प्रतापवान् Bg.1.12; Mk.5.29. -2 a war-cry. -नर्दिन् a. one who roars like a lion; Bk. 5.34. -नादः 1 a lion's roar. -2 a war-cry. -3 a confident assertion. -4 Name of Śiva. -मलम् a kind of brass. -याना, -रथा Name of the goddess Pārvatī. -लीलः a kind of coitus. -वाहनः an epithet of Śiva. -वाहिनी an epithet of Durgā. -विक्रमः, -विक्रान्तः a horse. -विष्टरः a throne. -संहनन a. 1 as strong as a lion; प्रांशु कनक- वर्णाभः सिंहसंहननो युवा Mb.3.146.28. -2 handsome, (-नम्) the killing of a lion. -स्थः an epithet of the planet Jupiter when in the constellation Leo.

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