sevya सेव्य

Definition: सेव्य a. [सेव्-ण्यत्] 1 To be served or waited upon. -2 To be used or employed. -3 To be enjoyed. -4 To be taken care of or guarded. -5 To be studied. -6 To be kept or hoarded. -व्यः 1 A master (opp. सेवक); भयं तावत् सेव्यादभिनिविशते सेवकजनम् Mu.5.12; M.4.12; Pt.1.48. -2 The Aśvattha tree. -3 A sparrow. -4 A kind of intoxicating drink. -व्या 1 The parasite plant वन्दा. -2 A kind of wild rice. -व्यम् A kind of root. -2 Red sandal-wood. -3 Sea-salt. -4 Water. -Comp. -सेवकौ m. dual. master and servant.

Dictionary: Apte
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