saurabhyam सौरभ्यम्

Definition: सौरभ्यम् 1 Fragrance, odour, sweet scent; सौरभ्यं भुवनत्रये$पि विदितम् Bv.1.38; पुनाना सौरभ्यैः G. L.43; R. 5.69. -2 Agreeableness, beauty. -3 Good character, reputation, glory, fame. [Dr. Kṣitīśachandra Chatterjee writes in Mañjūṣā,"Like चापल and चापल्य, both सौरभ and सौरभ्य are found in Sanskrit, but Pāṇini has made provision for both चापल and चापल्य by including the word चपल both in the युवादि group and in the ब्राह्मणादि group. सुरभि is included in neither of these groups but comes under the purview of the rule इगन्ताच्च लघुपूर्वात् and so the only form sanctioned by Pāṇini is सौरभ. It would appear that सौरभ्य came into use later on after the analogy of सौगन्ध्य.]

Dictionary: Apte
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