saumya सौम्य

Definition: a. (&isharp;, V.; â, C.; saúmyâ, RV.1) V., C.: relating, belong ing, or sacred to Soma; cool and moist (opp. âgneya, hot and dry); C.: northern (rare); (moonlike, placid as the moon), agreeable, pleasant; (my) dear, good (friend), gentle (sir, as a term of address); auspicious (planets etc.); m. pl. a class of Manes; sg. pat. of Budha, planet Mercury; the month Mârga sîrsha; m. n. kind of penance(rare); n. gentleness (rare): -tva, n. gentleness; -dars ana, a. pleasant to look at: â, f. Name of a princess; -nâman, a. (mnî) having an agree able name; -mukha, a. pleasant-faced; -rûpa, a. kind, gentle, to (g.); -½âkriti, a.having an agreeable appearance.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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