satya सत्य

Definition: a. actual, real, genuine, true; successful, effectual (invocation), realised (wish); trustworthy, faithful, sincere; valid (agreement): -m kri, make true, fulfil; (á)-m, ad. truly, really, actually, indeed, certainly, rightly; very well (in answers); it is true (also w. tu, kim tu, tathâ½api, but, yet); yat satyam, indeed, certainly; m. ninth Kalpa or cosmic period; ep. of Krishna; Name of a certain genius; N.; n. reality, truth; truth fulness, veracity; promise, oath, word; first age (=krita); Name of the highest of the seven worlds: -m ka te gñâtvâ, having ascer tained the truth about you (i. e. that you are actually so); -m kikîrshamâna, wishing to keepone's word; tena satyena, on the strength of that truth, so truly; yathâ -tena or evam satyena, as certainly -so truly; â, f. ep. of Durgâ; abbreviated for Satyabhâmâ.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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