sarva सर्व

Definition: mf(ā-)n. (perhaps connected with sāra- q.v;inflected as a pronoun except Nominal verb accusative sg. n. sarvam-,and serving as a model for a series of pronominals see sarva-nāman-) whole, entire, all, every ("every one"; plural"all"; n. sg."everything";sometimes strengthened by viśva-[which if alone in appears in the meaning "all","every","every one"] and nikhila-; sarve'pi-,"all together"; sarvaḥ ko'pi-,"every one so ever"; gavāṃ sarvam-,"all that comes from cows"; sarva-with a negation = "not any","no","none"or"not every one","not everything") etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., RV.
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