saptanavata सप्तनवत

Definition: a. ninety-seventh; -pattra, a. seven-leaved; yoked with seven horses; m. a tree (Alstonia scholaris; = -kkhada); (á)-pad, a. (-î) taking seven steps (with which an alliance or marriage is con cluded); concluded, confirmed; (á)-pada, a. taking seven steps (with which an alliance or marriage is concluded); consisting of seven Pâdas: î, f. seven steps: -karana, n. ratification of a marriage by the seven steps taken by the bride; -parna, m. (seven leaved) a tree (Alstonia scholaris = -kkhada); -palâsa, a. consisting of seven leaves; -bha&ndot; g&ibrevcirc;-naya, m. method of the seven formulas beginning with &open;perhaps&close; (syât) in the scep tical dialectics of the Jains; -bhûmika, a. id.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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