sanatkumāra सनत्कुमार

Definition: m. "always a youth"or"son of brahmā-", Name of one of the four or seven sons of brahmā- (see sanaka-;he is said to be the oldest of the progenitors of mankind [= vaidhātra- q.v ],and sometimes identified with skanda- and pradyumna-, he is also the supposed author of an upa-purāṇa- and other works;with jaina-s he is one of the 12 sārvabhauma-s or cakravartin-s [emperors of India];the Name of sanat-kumāra- is sometimes given to any great saint who retains youthful purity) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: ChUp., MBh., Hariv.
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