samutka समुत्क

Definition: a. longing for (--°ree;); -kantak ita, pp. with bristling hair, thrilled; -kan- thâ, f. longing for (--°ree;); -karsha, m. laying aside (of a girdle); higher rank, exalted posi tion; pre-eminence, excellence; -kskepa, m. throwing out a hint, allusion to (d.); -târa, m. getting over, deliverance from (--°ree;); -tu&ndot; ga, a. lofty; -tegana, n. inciting, instigat ing; -tha, a. arising, sprung, produced, or derived from (ab., gnly. --°ree; w. a word in the ab., sts. lc., sense); appearing in (--°ree;); -thâna, n. rising, getting up; hoisting (of a flag); augmentation of (property, g.); swelling of (the stomach, g.); undertaking, occupation, activity; healing: sambhûya or ekîbhûya --, common enterprise, partnership; --°ree; a. arising or produced from; -patana, n. flying up together; -patti, f. origin, produc tion; -panna, pp. produced, arisen; -pâda, m.production; -pâdya, fp. to be produced or caused; -piñga, m. confusion, disorder; -pîdana, n. pressing, squeezing; -phulla, pp. opened wide (eyes); -sarga, m. discharge (of urine etc.); emission (of semen): -m kri, have sexual intercourse with (lc.); -sâra-ka, a. dispersing, driving away; -sârana, n. id.; dispelling, removing; -sâha, m. energy: -tâ, f. alacrity in (lc.); -suka, a. agitated, un easy, anxious; longing for (--°ree;), eager to (inf.; ord. mg.); -tâ, f. desire, longing, -tva, n. agitation; yearning emotion; -suka-ya, den. P. fill with yearning; -sedha, m. height.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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