sampratipad सम्प्रतिपद्

Definition: A1. -padyate-, to go towards together, go near to, approach, arrive at (accusative) ; to addict one's self to, indulge in (accusative) ; to attain to, obtain, recover ; to be fully agreed about, agree upon, assent to (accusative or locative case) ; to consider, regard as (two accusative) ; to come to pass, arise ; to bring about, perform, accomplish : Causal -pādayati-, to cause to come to or receive, bestow, grant, give over to (genitive case or locative case)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Gaut., Sus3r., Pan5cat., R., Hariv., MBh., R., Kum., MW., MBh., MBh., BhP.
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