sampad सम्पद्

Definition: A1. -padyate- (in some forms also P.; ind.p. -pādam- q.v), to fall or happen well, turn out well, succeed, prosper, accrue to (dative case or genitive case) etc. ; to become full or complete (as a number), amount to ; to fall together, meet or unite with, obtain, get into, partake of (instrumental case or accusative) etc. ; to enter into, be absorbed in (accusative or locative case) ; to be produced, be brought forth, be born, arise ; to become, prove, turn into (Nominal verb) etc. ; to be conducive to, produce (dative case) vArttika on ; (with adverb in sāt-) to become thoroughly ; to fall into a Person's, power ; (with adverb in tra-) to fall to a person's share ; to produce a particular sound (as that expressed by an onomatopoetic word in ā-) : Causal -pādayati- (rarely te-), to cause to succeed, cause to arise, bring about, produce, effect, accomplish (with śuśrūṣām-and genitive case,"to obey") etc. ; to make full, complete ; to transform, make or turn into (accusative) ; to provide or furnish with (instrumental case;with kriyayā-,"to charge or entrust a person with a business") ; to afford to, procure for (dative case or genitive case) etc. ; to attain, obtain, acquire etc. ; to ponder on, deliberate ; to consent, agree : Desiderative of Causal -pipādayiṣati- (See sam-pipādayiṣā-etc., col, 2) : Intensive -panīpadyate-, to fit well