samman सम्मन्

Definition: A1. manyate- (Epic also P. ti-), to think together, agree, assent to, approve (See sam-mata-below) ; to think, fancy ; to regard or consider as (accusative or two accusative) etc. ; to mean, contemplate, intend, resolve ; to think highly of esteem, value, honour : Causal -mānayati-, to honour, reverence, respect etc. ; to regard, consider ; to assure any one (genitive case) of (accusative) : Desiderative of Causal See sam-mimānayiṣu- below.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., ib., R., MBh., R., Ya1jn5., MBh., Bhat2t2., Ma1rkP.
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