samaya समय

Definition: m. coming to a mutual understanding, agreement, compact, covenant, treaty, contract, arrangement, engagement, stipulation, conditions of agreement, terms (ena-or āt-or -tas-,"according to agreement, conditionally"; tena samayena-,"in consequence of this agreement"; samayaṃ- accusative with kṛ-,"to make an agreement or engagement","agree with any one [instr. with or without saha-]","settle","stipulate";with samvad- idem or 'm. intercourse with (instrumental case) ';with -,"to propose an agreement, offer terms";with brū-or vac-or abhi-dhā-,"to state the terms of an agreement","make a promise";with grah-or prati-pad-,"to enter into an agreement","make or accept conditions of an agreement";with pāl-,or rakṣ-or pari-rakṣ-etc.,"to keep an agreement","keep one's word";with tyaj-or bhid-or vy-abhi-car-etc.,"to break an agreement"; ablative with bhraṃś- idem or 'm. intercourse with (instrumental case) '; locative case with sthā-,"to keep an engagement","keep one's word"; accusative with Causal of sthā-or of ni-viś-"to fix or settle terms","impose conditions") etc.