samas समस्

Definition: समस् 4 P. 1 To throw or bring together, put together, unite, combine; अग्ने सोमस्य चैवादौ तयोश्चैव समस्तयोः Ms.3.85; समस्तानां च कार्येषु विदध्याद्धितमात्मनः 7.57. -2 To join in a compound, compound. -3 To take, collectively or jointly; समस्तैरथ वा पृथक् Ms.7.198 'jointly or severally'. -Pass. To be compounded, form or enter into a compound; अव्ययं समर्थेन सह समस्यते सो$व्ययीभावः Sk.

Dictionary: Apte
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