samartha समर्थ

Definition: समर्थ a. 1 Strong, powerful. -2 Competent, capable of, qualified; प्रतिग्रहसमर्थो$पि Ms.4.186; Y.1.213. -3 Fit, suitable, proper; किं समर्थं जनस्यास्य किं प्रियं किंसुखावहम् Rām.2.57.14; तद्धनुर्ग्रहणमेव राघवः प्रत्यपद्यत समर्थमुत्तरम् R.11.79. -4 Made fit or proper, prepared. -5 Having the same meaning. -6 Significant. -7 Having proper aim or force, very forcible. -8 Being in apposition. -9 Connected in sense. -र्थः 1 A significant word (in gram.); अव्ययं समर्थेन सह समस्यते सो$व्ययीभावः Sk. -2 The coherence of words together in a significant sentence. -र्थम् 1 Ability, competence. -2 Intelligibility.

Dictionary: Apte
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