samanujñā समनुज्ञा

Definition: P. A1. -jānāti-, -janīte-, to fully permit or allow or consent to, wholly acquiesce in or approve of (accusative) ; to authorize, empower ; to indulge, pardon, forgive, excuse (genitive case of Persian) ; to grant leave of absence, allow to go away, dismiss ; to favour : Causal -jñāpayati-, to beg or request any favour from (ablative) ; to ask leave, beg permission from (ablative) ; to take leave of, bid adieu (accusative) etc. ; to greet, salute

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., Hariv., ib., R., MBh., ib., MBh., ib., R., Mn., MBh., MBh.
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