sama सम

Definition: सम a. 1 Same, identical. -2 Equal, as in समलोष्ट- काञ्चनः R.8.21; Pt.2.7; सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ Bg.2.38; समः शत्रौ च मित्रे च तथा मानापमानयोः । शीतोष्णसुख- दुःखेषु समः संगविवर्जितः ॥ 12.18. -3 Like, similar, resembling; with instr. or gen. or in comp. गुणयुक्तो दरिद्रो$पि नेश्वरैरगुणैः समः Subhāṣ.; Ku.3.13. -4 Even, level, plain; समवेशवर्तिनस्ते न दुरासदो भविष्यति Ś.1. -5 Even (as number). -6 Impartial, fair; शुनि चैव श्वपाके च पण्डिताः समदर्शिनः Bg.5.18. -7 Just, honest, upright. -8 Good, virtuous. -9 Ordinary, common. -1 Mean, middling. -11 Straight. -12 Suitable, convenient. -13 Indifferent, unmoved, unaffected by passion. -14 All, every one. -15 All, whole, entire, complete. -16 Being a pair. -17 Regular, normal. -18 Middling. -19 Easy, convenient. -मः 1 Name of certain zodiacal signs (वृष, कर्कट, कन्या, वृश्चिक, मकर, and मीन). -2 A mode of measuring time in music. -3 The point of intersection of the horizon and the meridian line. -4 A kind of straight line placed over a numerical figure to mark the process of extracting the square root. -मम् 1 A level plain, flat country; संनिपत्य शनकैरिव निम्नादन्धकारमुदवाप समानि Ki.9. 11. -2 (In rhet.) Name of a figure of speech. -3 (In geometry) A mean proportional segment. -4 Equanimity. -5 Similarity. -6 Settlement; compensation; कर्मणापि समं कुर्याद्धनिकायाधमर्णिकः Ms.8.177. -7 Good circumstances; Mk. -सम् ind. 1 With, together with, in company with, accompanied by; (with instr.); आहां निवत्स्यति समं हरिणाङ्गनाभिः Ś.1.26; R.2.25;8.63; 16.72. -2 Equally; समं सर्वेषु भूतेषु Bg.13.27.28; यथा सर्वाणि भूतानि धरा धारयते समम् Ms.9.311. -3 Like, similarly, in the same manner; यत्र स्वामी निर्विशेषं समं मृत्येषु वर्तते Pt.1.78. -4 Entirely. -5 Simultaneously, all at once, at the same time, together; नवं पयो यत्र धनैर्मया च त्वद्विप्रयोगाश्रु समं विसृष्टम् R.13.26;4.4;1.59;14.1. -6 Honestly, fairly. -Comp. -अंशः an equal share. ˚हारिन् m. a co-heir. -अङ्घ्रिक a. standing evenly on feet. -अन्तः a borderer, neighbour. -अन्तर a. parallel. -अर्थिन् a. 1 desiring equality. -2 Seeking peace with. -आकार a. similar, like. -आचारः 1 equal or similar conduct. -2 Proper practice. -आत्मक a. possessing equanimity. -उदकम् a mixture of half butter-milk and half water. -उपमा a kind of Upamā or simile. -कक्ष a. having equal weight. (-क्षा) equilibrium. -कन्या a fit or suitable girl (fit to be married). -कर्णः an equi-diagonal tetragon. -कालः the same time or moment. (-लम्) ind. at the same time, simultaneously. -कालीन a. contemporary, coeval. -कोलः a serpent, snake. -कोटिक a. of regular size (said of diamonds); Kau. A.2.11. -क्षेत्रम् (in astr.) an epithet of a particular arrangement of the Nakṣatras. -खातः an equal excavation, a parallelopipedon. -गतिः wind; मृत्युश्चापरिहारवान् समगतिः कालेन विच्छेदिना Mb.12.298.45. -गन्धकः incense. -गन्धिकम् the fragrant root of the Uśīra. -चक्रवालम् a circle. -चतुरस्र a. square. (-स्रम्) an equilateral tetragon. -चतुर्भुजः, -जम् a rhombus. -चित्त a. 1 even-minded, equable, equanimous. -2 indifferent. -छेद, -छेदन a. having the same denominator. -जाति a. homogeneous. -ज्ञा fame; तिर्य- ञ्चमप्यञ्च मृषानभिज्ञरसज्ञतोपज्ञसमज्ञमज्ञम् N.3.64. -त्रिभुजः, -जम् an equilateral triangle. -दर्शन, -दर्शिन् a. viewing equally, impartial; विद्याविनयसंपन्ने ब्राह्मणे गवि हस्तनि । शुनि चैव श्वपाके च पण्डिताः समदर्शिनः ॥ Bg.5.18. -दुःख a. feeling for another's woe, sympathising (with another); a fellow-sufferer; Ku.4.4. ˚सुख a. a companion or partner in joy and sorrow; पृष्टा जनेन समदुःखसुखेन बाला Ś.3.1. -दृश्, -दृष्टि a. impartial. -द्वादशास्रः, -स्रम् an equilateral dodecagon. -द्विभुजः a rhomboid. -धर्म a. of equal nature, resembling. -धृत a. equal to. -पदम् 1 an attitude in shooting. -2 a particular posture in sexual union. -प्रभ a. having equal splendour; तदण्डमभवद्धैमं सह- स्रांशुसमप्रभम् Ms.1.9. -बुद्धि a. 1 impartial. -2 indifferent, stoical. -भाव a. having the same nature or property. (-वः) sameness, equability. -मण्डलम् (in astr.) the prime vertical line. -मय a. of like origin. -मात्र a. of the same size or measure. -मितिः mean measure. -रञ्जित a. tinged. -रतः, -रभः a particular mode of sexual enjoyment. -रेख a. straight; प्रकृत्या यद्वक्रं तदपि समरेखं नयनयोः Ś.1.9. -लम्बः, -म्बम् a trapezoid. -लेपनी a bricklayer's instrument for levelling a plane (Mar. करणी). -वर्ण a. being of equal caste; समवर्णे द्विजातीनां द्वादशैव व्यतिक्रम Ms.8.269. -वर्णः community of caste. -वर्तिन् a. 1 equal-minded, impartial. -2 being equidistant. (-m.) Yāma, the god of death; शासितारं च पापानां पितॄणां समवर्तिनम् Mb.12.27.35. -विभक्त a. divided equally; symmetrical. -विषमम् (pl.) level and unevenground. -वृत्तम् 1 an even metre, i. e. a stanza the lines of which have all the same number of feet. -2 see सममण्डल. -वृत्ति a. equable, fair. (-त्तिः) equanimity. -वेधः mean depth. -वैषम्यतः ind. owing to partial similarity and partial dissimilarity; अर्थे समवैषम्यतो द्रव्य-कर्मणाम् MS.4.1.21. -शोधनम् equal subtraction, i. e. subtraction of the same quantity on both sides of an equation. -श्रुति a. (in music) having equal intervals. -श्रेणिः a straight line. -संधिः peace on equal terms. -सुप्तिः f. universal sleep (as at the end of a Kalpa). -सूत्र, -सूत्रस्य a. situated on the same diameter. -स्थ a. 1 equal, uniform. -2 level. -3 like. -4 being in flourishing circumstances; गतिः पतिः समस्थाया विषमे च पिता गतिः Mb.5.176.8. -स्थलम् an even ground. -स्थली the level plain, the Doab or country between the Ganges and Yamunā (अन्तर्वेदि). -स्थानम् a particular posture in Yoga (In which the legs are closely contracted).

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