sama सम

Definition: a. V., C.: even, smooth, level, parallel (rare in V.); similar, like, equal, equivalent, same, identical (with, as, to, in., g., --°ree;; with regard to, in., lc., --°ree;, -tas); C.: unchanged, acting impartially towards (g., lc.); even (number); normal; ordinary, middling; indifferent, neutral (rare); good, upright, honest (rare); easy (commission): -m kri, place on a level, with (g.); put right; bhûmi or bhûmeh --, level with the earth (make or become); -m or °ree;--, ad. V., C.: equally, similarly, alike; C.: together, at the same time (also Br.); just, exactly, precisely (rare); together with, with (in.); at the same time with, in accord ance with (--°ree;; rare); m. (C.) peace (perh. incorr. for sama); N.; n. V., C.: even ground, plain; C.: settlement, compensation; equa nimity; uniformity (in. uniformly); good circumstances; Br.: correct measure (in. exactly).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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