sam सम्

Definition: ind. (connected with 7. sa-and 2. sama-,and opp. to 3. vi- q.v) with, together with, along with, together, altogether (used as a preposition or prefix to verbs and verbal derivatives, like Greek , Latin con,and expressing"conjunction","union","thoroughness","intensity","completeness" exempli gratia, 'for example' saṃyuj-,"to join together"; saṃ-dhā-,"to place together"; saṃ-dhi-,"placing together"; saṃ-tap-,"to consume utterly by burning"; sam-uccheda-,"destroying altogether, complete destruction";in Vedic or Veda the verb connected with it has sometimes to be supplied, exempli gratia, 'for example' /āpo agn/im yaś/asaḥ s/aṃ h/i pūrv/īih-,"for many glorious waters surrounded agni-";it is sometimes prefixed to nouns in the sense of 2. sama-,"same"; confer, compare samartha-)