samādhā समाधा

Definition: P. A1. -dadhāti-, -dhatte-, to place or put or hold or fix together etc. ; to compose, set right, repair, put in order, arrange, redress, restore ; to put to, add, put on (especially fuel on the fire) ; to kindle, stir (fire) ; to place, set, lay, fix, direct, settle, adjust (with astram-,"to adjust an arrow";with garbham-,"to impregnate";with savituḥ-,"to lay in the sun";with dṛṣṭim-, cittam-, cetas-, matim-, manas-,"to direct or fix the eyes or mind upon [ locative case ]";with matim-,"to settle in one's mind, resolve","make up one's mind"[followed by iti-];with ātmānam-,or manas-,"to collect the thoughts or concentrate the mind in meditation etc.";without an accusative - "to be absorbed in meditation or prayer") etc. ; to impose upon (locative case) ; to entrust or commit to (locative case) ; to establish in (locative case) ; to effect, cause, produce ; (in the following meanings only A1.) to take to or upon one's self. conceive (in the womb), put on (a garment or dress), assume (a shape), undergo (effort), show, exhibit, display etc. ; to devote one's self entirely to, give one's self up to (accusative) etc. (once in P.) ; to lay down as settled, settle, establish, prove, declare, ; to admit, grant on : Desiderative -dhitsati-, to wish to put together, desire to collect the thoughts

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3Br., MBh., MBh., Hit., AV., S3Br., R., S3Br., RV., MBh., ib., Ragh., Hariv., MBh., Ka1v., R., Hariv., Bhat2t2., Kap. Sch., Kull., Mn. viii , 54, MBh. xii , 9586.
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