samṛ समृ

Definition: P. -iyarti-, -ṛṇoti-, -ṛṇvati-, or -ricchati- (in some forms also A1.;for -ṛcchati-, te-See ), to join together, bring to pass, bring about ; to bring together, drive together (3. sg. Aorist -ārata-; perf. p. -ārāṇa-) ; to be brought about ; to run together, hasten together towards (accusative or locative case), meet with (instrumental case), come into collision or conflict : Causal -arpayati-, te-, to throw at, hurl at (accusative), strike, hit ; to cause to come into conflict or collision ; to fix or place or insert in, put in or on or down etc., etc. ; to impose, enjoin ; to deliver over, consign, commit ; to send off, despatch (a messenger)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 1-3 , 29, RV. iii , 2 , 1, ib. i , 54 , 1, ib. iii , 11 , 2, RV., AV., S3Br., Kaus3., Bhat2t2., AV., MBh., S3Br., ib., R., Ka1v., Katha1s., Sa1h., R.
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