sa स

Definition: short term for समास used by ancient grammarians; the term is found used in the Jainendra Vyakarana also; cf. ति्त्रक्कारकाणां प्राक् सुवुप्तत्तेः कृद्भिः सविधि: Jain.. Pari. 100; cf. also राजाsसे; (2) Unadi affix स placed after the roots वॄ, तॄ, वद्, हन् and others; cf.UnadiSutras 342-349; (3) tad. affix स in the quadruple senses (चातुरर्थिक) applied to the words तृण and others. e.g. तृणसः; cf. P. IV.2.80; (4) tad. affix स applied to the word मृद् when praise is intended e. g. मृत्सा, मृत्स्नाः; also cf. P. V. 4.41; (5) substitute for the preposition सम् before the words हित and तत; cf. समो हितततयोर्वा लोपः M. Bh. on P. VI.1.144 Vart. I.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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