saṃvatsaraḥ संवत्सरः

Definition: संवत्सरः [संवसन्ति ऋतवो$त्र संवस्-सरन् Tv.] 1 A year; न ह पुरा ततः संवत्सर आस Bṛi. Up.1.2.4. -2 A year of Vikramāditya's era. -3 Name of Śiva. -4 The first year in the cycle of five years. -Comp. -करः an epithet of Śiva. -निरोधः Imprisonment for a year; वैश्यः सर्वस्वदण्डः स्यात् संवत्सरनिरोधतः Ms. 8.375. -भ्रमि a.revolving in a year, completing one revolution in a year (said of the sun). -मुखी the tenth day in the light half of the month ज्यैष्ठ. -रयः a year's course.

Dictionary: Apte
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