saṃtānakaḥ संतानकः

Definition: संतानकः 1 One of the five trees of Indra's paradise or its flower; दधतः सन्तानकानां स्रजः Nāg.3.9. [It may be the tree Rhododendron Arborium. It is a tree which grows abundantly on the Himālaya. It gives good shade and bears beautiful flowers, having five united petals. The meaning of the word suggests a profuse growth both of the individual and its progeny.] -2 (pl.) Name of a particular world; लोकान् संतानकान्नाम यास्यन्तीमे समागताः Rām.7.11.18; Ku.6.4;7.3; Śi.6.67.

Dictionary: Apte
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