saṃskāra संस्कार

Definition: preparation such as (a)that of a word by placing the affix after the base and accomplishing all the necessary changes, or (b) that of a sentence by placing all words connected mutually by syntax and then explaining their formation; these two views are respectively called the पदसंस्कारपक्ष and the वाक्यसंस्कारपक्ष; (2) grammatical formation; cf. स्वरसंस्कारयोश्छन्दसि नियम: । संस्कारो लोपागमवर्णविकारप्रकृतिभावलक्षण: Uvvata on V.Pr. I.1; cf. also तद्यत्र स्वरसंस्कारौ प्रादेशिकेन गुणेन अन्वितौ स्याताम् etc. Nir.I.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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