saṃpakva संपक्व

Definition: a. boiled soft; ripe; fully matured; -patti, f. concord (S., rare); turn ing out well, success, accomplishment; at tainment, acquisition; turning into, becom ing (rare); existence (rare); good condition, excellence; abundance, affluence; lucky event; prosperity, fortune (sg., pl.): in. at random: -ka, a. --°ree;, excellence; -pád, f. V.: agreement, bargain (rare); full number, total; C.: success, accomplishment, fulfilment; at tainment, acquisition; turning into, becom ing (rare); existence (rare; --°ree; a.=possess ing); right condition; excellence, perfection, beauty; abundance, plenty, high degree or excess of; (what befals), fate (rare); good fortune, prosperity, wealth, property (sg., pl.); -panna-kshîrâ, a. f. giving good milk: (a)-tamâ, spv. f. giving very good milk; -panna-tara, cpv. very palatable; -panna tâ, f. possession of (--°ree;); -panna-danta, a. possessing teeth; -parâyá, m. death (rare); conflict, battle; -parigraha, m. gracious re ception of (g.); property; -parka, m. mix ture, union, contact, association (of, --°ree;; with, in. ± saha, g., --°ree;); sexual intercourse with (--°ree;); -pâta, m. C.: flight, swift descent, fall, into (lc.); a particular mode of flight; col lision, concussion, encounter, with (saha); confluence; point of contact (rare); en trance, appearance, occurrence; V.: remnant of fluid (in a vessel), residue of an offering; hymns contiguous in the Samhitâ and ritual (also -sûkta, n.); -pâti, m. Name of a fabulous bird, son of Aruna or Garuda and elder brother of Gatâyu; -pâtín, a. flying to gether; flying with=equally swift; falling down (flowers); -pâda-ka, a. procuring, bestowing; producing, causing; -pâdana, a. (î) procuring, bestowing; carrying out, executing; n. procurement, acquirement; accomplishment, fulfilment, execution, per formance, production; clearing, putting in order (a house or site); -pâdanîya, fp. to be procured; -carried out, brought about, or accomplished; -appeased; -pâdayitri, m., trî, f. procurer; producer, accomplisher; -pâdita-tva, n. accomplishment or fulfilment by (--°ree;); -pâdin, a. coinciding with, suitable for (in., --°ree;); procuring; accomplishing; -p&asharp;d ya, fp. to be brought about, effected, or accomplished: -tva, n. accomplishment; -pârin, a. putting across (of a vessel, Br.); -pipâdayishâ, f. desire to accomplish; wish to prove right; -pîda, m. pressure: â, f. pain, torment; -puñga, m.multitude; -puta, m. hemispherical bowl (and anything shaped like it); round casket (for jewellery etc.); hemisphere (rare); credit, balance: e likh, write down (ac.) to the credit of (g.); -put ikâ, f. jewel-casket (=treasuryof aphorisms and tales); -pushti, f. perfect prosperity; -pûgana, n., -pûgâ, f. honouring, reverence; -pûgya, fp. to be honoured; -pûrna, pp. (√ 1. pri) filled etc.: -kâlîna, a. occurring in the fulness of (=at the right) time (birth), -kumbha, m. full pot; -pûrna-tâ, f. com pleteness, completion; full measure: -yuk ta, pp. having abundance; -pûrna½a&ndot;ga, a. (î) having its parts complete, entire; -pûrti, f. fulfilment, completion; -pûrva, a. pre ceded by=compounded with pûrva; -prik ta-tva, n. union.

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