saṃkrama संक्रम

Definition: joining with a subsequent word after omitting a word or two occurring between; cf, गलत्पदमतिक्रम्य अगलता सह संधानं संक्रम:; e. g. शूद्रे अर्ये for शूर्द्रे यदर्ये where यत् is passed over in the krama and other recitals; cf V. Pr. IV. 77, 165, 194; (2) a term used in ancient grammars for such affixes and others which do not allow the substitution of guna or vrddhi for the preceding vowel; the term is also used for the letters क्, ग् and ङ् when they are mute, serving only the purpose of preventing guna or vrddhi; cf. मृजेरजादौ संक्रमे विभाषा वृद्धिमारभन्ते M. Bh. on P. I.1.3. Vart. 10.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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