saṃjīvanam संजीवनम्

Definition: संजीवनम् 1 Living together. -2 Bringing to life, life-restoring, reanimation, resuscitation. -3 Name of one of the 21 hells; see Ms.4.89. -4 A group of four houses, quadrangle. -नी 1 A kind of elixir (said to restore the dead to life). -2 Making alive, restoring life -3 Food. -4 Name of Mallinātha's commentaries on Ku., R. and Me. -Comp. -ओषधिः f. a reviving or liferestoring plant; संजीवनौषधिरसो नु हृदि प्रसिक्तः U.3.11.

Dictionary: Apte
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