saṃgrah संग्रह्

Definition: (or grabh-) P. A1. -gṛhṇāti-, -gṛhṇīte- (Ved. generally -gṛbhṇāti-, -gṛbhṇīte-), to seize or hold together, take or lay hold of. grab, grasp, gripe, clasp, clench, snatch etc. ; to take, receive (kindly or hospitably), encourage, support, favour, protect ; to seize on, attack (as an illness) ; to apprehend, conceive, understand ; to carry off etc. ; to gather together, assemble, collect, compile etc. ; to include, comprehend, contain ; to draw together, contract, make narrower, abridge ; to draw together (a bow in order to unstring it) ; to hold in, restrain, check, govern ; to constrain, force ; to keep together, close, shut (as the mouth) ; to concentrate (the mind) ; to take in marriage, marry ; to mention, name ; Causal -grāhayati-, to cause to grasp or take hold of or receive or comprehend or understand, impart, communicate (with accusative of thing and accusative or dative case of person) : Desiderative jighṛkṣati-, to wish to take hold of etc. ; to wish to collect ; to wish to take in marriage, desire to marry

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., Hit., BhP., MBh., BhP., ib., ib., Gaut., Pat., S3Br., MBh., MBh., Mn. viii , 48, Ka1tyS3r., BhP., ib., ib., Car., BhP., MBh., Das3.
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