saṃdigdha संदिग्ध

Definition: संदिग्ध p. p. 1 Besmeared, covered. -2 Dubious, doubtful, uncertain; as in संदिग्धमति-बुद्धि &c. -3 Mistaken for or confounded with. -4 Doubted, questioned. -5 Confused, obscure, unintelligible (as a sentence). -6 Dangerous, risky, unsafe. -7 Envenomed. -ग्धम् 1 A doubt, uncertainty. -2 Besmearing. -Comp. -अर्थ a. ambiguous, dubious in sense. (-र्थः) 1 an ambiguous or doubtful meaning. -2 a disputed matter. -पुनरुक्तत्वम् (Rhet.) uncertainty and tautology. -फल a. having arrows with poisoned tips; Dk. -मति, -बुद्धि a. sceptical, doubtful.

Dictionary: Apte
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