saṃcaya संचय

Definition: m. sg. & pl. accumulation, hoard, store, wealth, quantity, collection; gathering, collecting (rare): d. in order to have more; -kayana, n. gathering, collecting; -kaya-vat, a. possessed of wealth, rich; -kay ika, a. having provisions (only --°ree;); -kará, a. go ing about (mûrti-, with a body=incarnate); together, simultaneous (V.); m. place for walk ing, road, path, passage; evolution (in Sâ&ndot; khya phil.); -kárana, a. (î) suitable for going on, passable, converging (V.); n. navigation (of the sea: ac.; RV.); motion, from (ab.), in (lc., --°ree;), by means of (--°ree;); -karishnu, a. moving about, roaming; -karvana, n. chew ing; -kalana, n. trembling, quaking; -kâra, m. walking about, wandering, roaming, driv ing; motion; transit, passage; entrance, portal; transition or transference to (--°ree;); track (of wild animals), road (rare): -ka,; -kâranîya, fp. to be wandered through; -transferred to (lc.); -kârita, cs. pp. (√ kar) set in motion, worked; -kârin, a. (n-î) walk ing about, wandering, roaming, moving, mov able (in, lc., --°ree;); penetrating into (--°ree;); trans mitted, infectious, hereditary (disease); com ing in contact with, contiguous to (in.); carried with one (umbrella); being in, en gaged with (--°ree;); accessory (sentiment, etc.); taking with one (--°ree;);-kârya, fp. accessible (in a-); produced by (--°ree;); -kikîrshu, des. a. intending to perform; -kiti, f. piling; col lecting, saving; -kintya, fp. to be considered; -regarded as (-vat); -kinu½âna-ka, a. oc cupied with collecting(wealth); -keya, fp. to be accumulated; -kodayitavya, fp. to be urged on; -khettri, m. dispeller (of doubts).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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