saṃpanna संपन्न

Definition: संपन्न p. p. 1 Prosperous, thriving, rich. -2 Fortunate, succesful; happy. -3 Effected, brought about, accomplished. -4 Finished, completed. -5 Perfect. -6 Full-grown, mature. -7 Procured, obtained. -8 Right, correct. -9 Endowed with, possessed of. -1 Turned out, become; ईदृशः संपन्नः U.3. -11 Perfectly acquainted or conversant with. -12 The enquiry in वृद्धिश्राद्ध; (meaning 'satisfied?'); पित्र्ये स्वदितमित्येव वाच्यं गोष्ठे तु सुश्रुतम् । संपन्नमित्यभ्युदये दैवे रुचितमित्यपि ॥ Ms.3.254. -न्नः An epithet of Śiva. -न्नम् 1 Riches, wealth; संभाव्यं गोषु संपन्नम् Pt.4.115. -2 A dainty, delicacy.

Dictionary: Apte
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